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Cable Managing

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate students in Networking, Cybersecurity, Web Development & Design.

At Delmes Informatics, we bring together a diverse team with a shared passion for IT and design.
We create beautiful projects at student prices, specializing in full-stack websites, network infrastructures, and cybersecurity.
Join us to experience the power of our expertise and dedication as we bring your digital dreams to life.

What can we do?

These are the services we offer

Web Development


Our back-end and front-end students will give you full control over your website:

  • Design your site how you want it, with the pages and functionality you want
  • Add, edit, delete data of your site with an admin panel
  • Make your site responsive for any device

Network Engineer


We can help you with your network on many levels:

  • Create a new network from A-Z (firewalls, switches, AP's)
  • Improve your current network (segmentations, subscriptions, better speed,...)
  • Migrating switches/routers

IT Specialist


Do you need help with anything else? We are here for you!

  • Installing lots of computers/FlexDesks
  • Cleaning/cable managing of your server room(s)
  • Mobile development is a new concept for us, but we can look what we can do for you
  • Fix computers/phones
  • Many others
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

With our designer student we can offer you brand new company logo's or any other graphic design you may need.

Data Recovery

IT infrastructure

Are you looking to install new servers, we can configure those for you.

IT Automation


Do you want to configure your devices faster, we are very good with Ansible!

Our Latest Projetcs


Pay us as students at student prices

As an emerging entity, we use a reputable HR solution company to facilitate our payment process. This decision eliminates any concerns regarding student contracts or administrative complexities. By collaborating with Tentoo, we ensure a seamless experience for our clients, as they will receive a professional invoice upon completion of the contract. Rest assured, our focus remains solely on delivering exceptional services without any hassle or inconvenience.