Flashclub is a vibrant nightclub that operates every Sunday, offering a range of exciting themes. The website, primarily built with Laravel and Bootstrap, incorporates the following features:

1. Manageable Events: The website allows administrators to easily handle the events hosted at Flashclub. They can add, edit, and delete event details, including date, theme, and any additional information.

2. Manageable DJs: The platform enables administrators to manage the DJs who perform at Flashclub. They can update DJ profiles, add new DJs, and remove DJs as needed.

3. Contact Page: The website includes a contact page where users can get in touch with Flashclub.

4. Dynamic Photo Album: There is a dynamic photo album. This photo album is regularly updated to display the latest pictures from events and provides a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere at Flashclub. Additionally, the front page also highlights upcoming events, ensuring visitors stay informed.

5. Administrators have access to a personalized dashboard, where they can efficiently manage the website's data. This dashboard provides them with the necessary tools and interfaces to add, edit, and delete events, DJs, and other relevant content. It empowers administrators to maintain an engaging and up-to-date online presence for Flashclub.


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Killian Delmoitié

Killian Delmoitié